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How PR Professionals Can Stay Relevant Amidst New Trends

PR Practitioner

“If I have my last dollar, I will spend it on Public Relations.” – Bill Gates   Statements such as this is what makes the Public Relations practi...

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Influencers in the Creative Economy: How Social Media is Shaping the Future of Arts and Entertainment

Edward Koomson

The creative economy is a rapidly growing sector, encompassing industries such as film, music, video games, advertising, architecture, and fashion, am...

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#ClumsyChips: Be Intentional with Publicity or Dispose Yourself to Prey

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-19 at 09.37.17

Humans are naturally entrepreneurial, innovative and problem solvers – dare not doubt it. Over time, the Human race has proved that indeed darkness do...

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Let Your Content Do The Heavy Lifting: A 2023 Guide For Brands And Organizations.


Celebrated globally, World Digital Marketing Day (WDMD) falls on December 16th every year. It highlights digital marketing professionals’ effort...

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THE EVOLUTION OF DIGITAL INNOVATION IN FOOTBALL To football fans, the term digital means the access to content online which helps them to keep track o...

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Authenticity & Trust in Social Media-Driven Influencer Marketing


In recent years, Influencer Marketing has become the hot new strategy for brands looking to new ways of reaching their target audience. Celebrity Endo...

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Global Media and Information Literacy Week: A Key Step to Curb Fake News


Communication is usually defined as the transmission of information between a sender and a receiver through a medium. In biblical context, the earlies...

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Brands for Purpose and for People; 5 lessons from Africa Rising Conference

Bridget Mensah

The International Advertising  Association  (IAA) organized a Leadership Conference dubbed Africa Rising for industry players in Accra, educating and ...

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PR and Globalization: A look at the challenges and Opportunities for the industry

Bridget Mensah

One major social force influencing the future of public relations is Globalization. Money, products, materials, information and people flow swiftly ac...

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When Silence is not Golden for Your Organization

Public Relations

The familiar maxim, ‘Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden,’ is often used to denote that it is sometimes better to say nothing. A similar saying in our...

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