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Redefining Public Relations : The AI Advantage. By Benedicta Akweley Ashong


Hutton,1999 identifies four stages of Public Relations (PR), starting from ‘the public be fooled’  improving to ‘the public be informed’, progressing ...

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Empowering Women in Public Relations: Navigating the Future Landscape in Ghana. By Bridget Mensah


Public Relations (PR) has undergone significant transformations in Ghana, and women are playing an increasingly vital role in shaping the industry’s f...

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Looking Into The Future: Why PR Matters . By Alberta Dorcas James

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Like numerous other disciplines, Public Relations (PR) has evolved significantly. Originally focused on employing methods of persuasion, it has evolve...

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The Future of PR in a Changing World. By Asantewaa Osafo


Public Relations has long been the cornerstone of how organizations communicate and build relationships with their audiences. However, in today’s fast...

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World Public Relations Day Festival 2024 puts spotlight on AI, Sustainability PR


Accra, May 2, 2024 – In an era marked by unprecedented challenges and transformative shifts, the significance of public relations (PR) professio...

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