Creatives & Production

Your brand is better off with us

As platinum member of the Advertisers Association of Ghana (AAG), we set and adhere to creative and trendy industry standards that are thought-provoking and engaging. We create an integrated experiential experience that is unique to your brand. Our approach is unique with consistently positive outcomes. We ensure that brands in our care have a great environment to engage with consumers and strengthen relationships with salutary impact on brand equity and business results.

Our Services

Events and more

  • Branding & Marketing Campaigns
  • Conferences
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Festivals and Expos
  • Product Launches and Introductions
  • Sponsorship & Awards Ceremonies
  • Market Storms and Roadshows
  • Sports Tournaments & Competitions
  • Entertainment/Outdoor Events
  • Market Entry Campaigns


  • In Store Activation
  • Mall Activation
  • In Bar Activation
  • Field Force Activation
  • Market Intelligence
  • Merchandising & Seeding
  • Brand Engagements


  • Event Logistics & Production
  • LED Screen Rentals
  • Design Fabrication
  • Packaging Presentation