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#WPRDFestival: PR & Media – The Blurry Lines

Emmanuel Klome. PR Executive, Global Media Alliance

In the realm of communication, the relationship between public relations practitioners and the media is one of intertwined collaboration. Both sides s...

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Thought Leadership: A Strategic PR Tactic For Brands


A successful public relations (PR) strategy can be a game-changer for any brand. It builds a relationship between the brand and its target customers b...

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World Public Relations Day Festival 2023


The most exciting time of year for PR Practitioners and Communication Professionals! It’s the World Public Relations Day Festival 2023. With well-cura...

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Five Reasons Why PR is Essential for SMEs


Public Relations is critical in promoting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in modern times. The reputation and image of every organization is to ul...

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#HeritageMonth: How Ghana Can Leverage Digital to Amplify Tourism

Promoting tourism in Ghana

Tourism is one of the most important industries in Ghana, contributing to the country’s economy and providing employment opportunities for its c...

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I know you’ve been waiting for this piece. It’s a final wrap of my experience as a first timer at the Annual General Meeting and Summit of the I...

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Looking at the beautiful mountain with a serene and greener atmosphere, I find myself at the magnificent Rock City Hotel, arguably the biggest hotel i...

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How PR Professionals Can Stay Relevant Amidst New Trends

PR Practitioner

“If I have my last dollar, I will spend it on Public Relations.” – Bill Gates   Statements such as this is what makes the Public Relations practi...

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Influencers in the Creative Economy: How Social Media is Shaping the Future of Arts and Entertainment

Edward Koomson

The creative economy is a rapidly growing sector, encompassing industries such as film, music, video games, advertising, architecture, and fashion, am...

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#ClumsyChips: Be Intentional with Publicity or Dispose Yourself to Prey

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-19 at 09.37.17

Humans are naturally entrepreneurial, innovative and problem solvers – dare not doubt it. Over time, the Human race has proved that indeed darkness do...

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