Unveiling the GongGong Beater on e.tv Ghana: Araba Attah

Unveiling the GongGong Beater on e.tv Ghana: Araba Attah

Unveiling the GongGong Beater on e.tv Ghana: Araba Attah

Gong gong Beater

e.tv Ghana has out doored the host of the new entrancing comedy show dubbed ‘The Gong Gong Beater’ set to premiere on the channel from Saturday; 1st August 2020.

In the past week, Araba Attah, christened Ama Nyhiraba Antwi, has engaged in enchanting conversations on radio and TV giving listeners and viewers a toast of the GongGong beater Show.

The thirteen (13) year old Comedienne in an interview with Rev. Erskine on the YFM Accra’s Myd Morning Show stated that she discovered her talent at a very young age when she would tell jokes and make her friends laugh all the time.

She expressed gratitude to her parents for helping her grow her talent. In that regard, she advised young ones to desist from inhibiting their talents and encouraged parents to support their children in pursuing their dreams.

“If you have a talent, don’t be shy and keep it to yourself. Sometimes when we start shooting our skits and we call other children, they shy away. I will also advise parents to allow their children with talents to explore them. You never know what the future holds for your children”.

Reiterating her stance, she shared her life experience in a later interview with YFM Kumasi’s Kwame Poku on the ‘Shouts on Y show.

“If my mother kept me away from my talent. I wouldn’t be where I am today. My mother noticed that I had the talent of entertaining people and she made an effort to expose me by speaking to people who could help me. And with her support, I have come this far; even having this interview with you”, she told Kwame Poku.

It was firelit on the Ayeeko After Drive Show when Araba Attah joined the Supreme Selector; DJ Advicer to co-host the Around Town segment of the show.

Araba gave listeners a tip of the iceberg and left them yearning for more. She directed listeners to watch e.tv Ghana on Saturdays at 8pm to be treated to the great content on her show.

Despite her involvement in comedy and film, Araba ensures her education is a priority. She believes that “education is the key to success” and as such, she is committed to completing her education.

She told Foster Romanus on the Late Nite Celebrity Show; “Being a comedian is not easy because first of all school is the key to success. It is important to go to school. So during the week, I dedicate Monday to Friday to school and then on weekends after classes, I continue with shooting my skits. I have never absented myself from school to shoot my skits”.

Araba further revealed that she draws inspiration from Actor Lil Win as she admires his style of comedy.

The Gong Gong Beater show which is set to begin on 1st August will see comedienne Araba Attah discuss trending issues within the past week, the coronavirus safety protocols and her take on the recent presidential updates on COVID-19. The show also has a special segment with ‘Madam Common Sense’ who gives advice on simple life activities in a comical manner.

The Gong Gong Beater is part of a line-up of new shows being introduced by the station from 1st August to entertain and inform viewers.


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