Top Email Marketing Platforms For 2020

Top Email Marketing Platforms For 2020

Top Email Marketing Platforms For 2020

The importance of email marketing is an established fact among marketers and business leaders. It is easy to overlook email marketing when interacting with your customers.  If your business is not actively building a database of customer emails, you may be setting your business up for digital failure. Proper email marketing delivers the right message at the right time to the right audience.

According to Statista 2019, there are more than 5.6 billion active email accounts, indicating the high potential for marketing outreach to the right market segment.

A report by Oberla in 2018, also indicates that effective email marketing can boast a Return on Investment (ROI) of as high as $32 on every $1 spent, at an average. In other words, email marketing works if you work it. Automated emails are a cost-effective channel to connect with new prospects, building relationships through drip campaigns, engaging your existing audience and others.

In order to effectively compete, mid-to-large businesses need to recognize the default expectations that their audiences have in todays ‘experience’ led economy. Email campaigns need to be personalized, segmented, targeted, mobile-responsive, and integrated with other marketing channels to deliver the right message to your audience, that is contextual to their journey as a buyer.

Against this background, let’s go on to discover the best email marketing software platforms available today:


MailChimp is a popular brand among marketers and offers a highly effective way to create email marketing campaigns that work for your business. It is an excellent email marketing software that caters to all your email marketing requirements. It still ranks as the number one go-to choose for email marketers with added features and upgrades in 2020.

Mailchimp is a modern software tool with enterprise offerings like email automation, wide range of ready-made email template designs, data segmentation, extensive content personalization, allows manual code editing of templates, and advanced features such as landing page A/B testing, lead capture forms and integration with customer data platforms.


BEE Pro is the complete email design suite for creating beautiful emails, fast. BEE Pro offers over 175 professionally-designed, responsive email templates to start from and a great drag-n-drop editor to customize them.

It has interesting features like the custom template management, message review, comment & approval, user roles & permissions, brand settings, and most interestingly, easy & quick export to HubSpot.

BEE Pro makes designing great-looking, responsive emails a lot of fun. BEE Pro helps marketers to easily rearrange content, search & insert free stock photos, visually link to YouTube & Vimeo videos, add HubSpot properties.


Twilio SendGrid is an email marketing solution ideally suited for companies sending a lot of email newsletters. It allows easy building, designing, and editing of email templates.

Whether you’re a developer, marketer, CEO of a small business, or a program manager at an enterprise company, we know your email needs are unique. So SendGrid provides a unique customer communications solution for every stage of your company’s growth.

Features offered by the tool include email designing, email scheduling, email automation, email analytics and reports, SMTP API, A/B testing, and seamless integrations. The SendGrid tool was recently been acquired by SMS giant Twilio, expanding its services to SMS marketing as well.



In a quick recap, MailChimp, BEEPro and Twilio SendGrid email platforms are the best to discover today. If you are looking to engage your clients in an unconventional way that produces results in real time, you would like to explore Email Marketing. Find out how much more it can do for your business and share your experience with many more people who are yet to try this underutilized messaging channel.

Should you need further assistance and training to implement email marketing, we are able to offer the services to you. Talk to us!


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