Samuel Eshun in the forefront as host of Happy Morning Show

Samuel Eshun in the forefront as host of Happy Morning Show

Samuel Eshun in the forefront as host of Happy Morning Show

Samuel Eshun, a seasoned journalist is host of the well packaged radio breakfast show on Happy FM dubbed the ‘Happy Morning Show (HMS)’ to air beginning in January, 2020.

He will be joined by two other avid media personalities in the persons of Fati Shaibu Ali and Raymond Nyamador who will cover the social media and sports segments of the show respectively.

The Happy Morning Show will be a socio-economic and political show aimed at highlighting everyday issues and concerns of Ghanaians and giving them a voice.

The mixed bag of motivation, health information, regional news, social media trends, lifestyle, sports highlights, newspaper headline reviews and promotions are divided into four major segments.

The ‘Omane Ne Mu Te Sen’ segment will have listeners and regional correspondent’s phone-in to share their problems, challenges and issues of national concern from the sixteen (16) regions in Ghana.

The ‘Pae Mu Ka’ segment is an on-air series where listeners send in whatsApp voice notes talking about political, economic and other social issues affecting them in the country.

The social media trends and sports highlights segments will cover a wide range of digital space, from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter from all around the world, while the sport highlights will give sports fans stats and quick information about the happening in the world of sports.

Samuel promises to bring on board his flair in discussing pertinent issues affecting the nation whilst, finding the perfect solutions to these problems. Speaking on his new role he said: “As a journalist I have to use my civil advocacy as a platform, to keep citizens informed about decisions of policymakers.

On one hand, I must convey information to the citizens about what is happening in society.

On the other hand, I have to let the policymakers know what kinds of effects their previous decisions have had and what kinds of decisions have been made elsewhere. More importantly, I have to let the policymakers

know what the public expect of them” he noted.

He was hopeful that his new job at Happy FM, will add to his already rich experience and expertise in radio presenting.

“On every job I do, I try to raise my game. My ambition is to just get better and better at every job I do — I will never stop trying to get better. I teach myself new things — I will learn from my colleague presenters and producers even though I have my own style of doing things, but I know I will enjoy working here at Happy FM.

I assured my numerous well-wishers that Happy times are coming and that sums up what my journey with them on Happy FM looks like” he said.

Programmes Manager of Happy FM speaking about the morning show said: It is very important to get the right person to drive the vision of your brand and Samuel Eshun, is the right man to help realise this dream of bringing quality radio programming to the doorstep of every Ghanaian.”


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