Ghana Beverage Awards Elevates Industry Standards with Maiden Bartenders’ Masterclass.

Ghana Beverage Awards Elevates Industry Standards with Maiden Bartenders’ Masterclass.

Ghana Beverage Awards Elevates Industry Standards with Maiden Bartenders’ Masterclass.


No 19 Accra Bar and Restaurant was the venue for the maiden edition of the bartender’s masterclass organized as part of the prestigious Ghana Beverage (GBA), bringing the nomination phase to a successful close.

The uniquely curated activity, instituted as part of efforts to groom young talents for the bartending profession and retool already existing practitioners, brought together stakeholders and well-wishers of the beverage industry as well as members of the bartending profession.

Under the guidance of Mr. Kojo Aidoo, a renowned mixologist and President of the Ghana Bartenders’ Guild, over 50 participants underwent rigorous training in various facets of the bartending profession. From mastering the latest mixology techniques to honing their skills in ingredient selection, cocktail crafting, and presentation aesthetics, attendees delved deep into the art of mixology.

A highlight of the Masterclass was the Bartender’s Challenge, where participants showcased their creativity by crafting original cocktails inspired by Ghanaian flavors and ingredients. The competition was fierce, with each contestant delivering unique and inventive concoctions that impressed judges and spectators alike.

Speaking at the session, Ms. Emma Wenani, Chief Director of Global Media Alliance, organizers of the masterclass, commended the participants for making time to invest in their professions by enrolling for the masterclass. She emphasized the significance of their commitment to continuous learning and advancement in the field of mixology.

“I’d like to applaud your dedication to your craft through your participation in this masterclass.  I am thrilled by the turnout which is a convergence of talent, passion, and innovation in the art of mixology. Your being here shows that you’re committed to learning more about your craft to climb the ladder of your profession to the top. As we navigate an ever-changing landscape, characterized by shifting consumer preferences and emerging trends, it’s essential to stay agile and innovative. Embrace experimentation, embrace diversity, and never stop learning.,” she said.

Taking turns, some participants shared their experiences.

“Being part of this training session has been an eye-opener for me. It’s been incredibly informative, providing valuable insights into flavor profiles, cocktail techniques, and the art of hospitality. I am grateful to the organizers for putting together such a wonderful event, and I look forward to participating in future editions” Ophelia Dakura, a bartender with NsuomNam Seafood and Fish Restaurant expressed.

On his part, Moses Addo also shared: “It was a rewarding experience to see my creation being enjoyed by judges and fellow participants. Moreover, the Masterclass provided a great platform for networking and connecting with industry peers and experts. I had the chance to exchange ideas, learn from others, and forge new connections that I believe will benefit me in my career moving forward.”

Global Media Alliance has over the past 8 years, through the Ghana Beverages Awards Scheme contributed to the advancement of the beverage industry with the aim of inspiring excellence in the beverage industry. This year, the institution of the masterclass forms part of its strategic objective of elevating the works of all players within the beverage industry value chain.