Fidelity Bank – Go for Gold


Scope of Work

Events, PR, Creative and Promotional Campaigns.

Brief and Objective

GMA was engaged to launch and manage a campaign aimed at increasing their deposit base as well as attract and retain new customers.

Strategy and Tactics

GMA fine-tuned their concepts and developed them into a promotional campaign called “Go for Gold” in which customers who deposit and maintain a certain amount in their account were eligible to win a bar of gold. The promotion included a pre-launch event, and official launch event for the campaign, as well as monthly and Grand draws.

Throughout the campaign, GMA handled all brand activation needs, promotions, media management, and creative designs that supported the campaign including billboards, banners, posters, newspaper ads and other below-the-line engagements.

This campaign was developed based on the fact that Ghana is a country rich in mineral deposits and then attributing it to Fidelity being in the position to provide customers a lifetime peace of mind and assurance with their money and make good value of it. This campaign put Fidelity in a position to be easily recognized as a reputable financial institution in the banking space and a go-to bank for anyone looking to make any investments into their finances.

Measurable Outcomes

The objective of 20,000 new accounts opened was far surpassed with a total of 41,000 accounts being opened. The success of the campaign led to the 2nd and 3rd named “Reach for Gold” and “Save for Gold” respectively.