Sunseekers Tours



Sunseekers Tours wanted to raise awareness online, increase visibility, reach more potential customers and engage effectively with their customers. To achieve this, GMA was contracted to assist with our years of expertise in the industry.


We run a social media campaign with the hashtag #TravelWithUs. With that, we created a contest for close group of friends of 2 to 6 to share their most fun memories together for a chance to win a heavily discounted trip. This campaign generated more awareness and encouraged people to know more about Sunseekers’ services.

We echoed the products and services of the brand as a tour operator and destination management and transport company. We highlighted the competence, achievement and track record of Sunseekers over the years and gave potential clients reasons why they need to patronise the brand.

In every engagement, we shared exciting photos and videos of tourist destinations outside of Ghana with enticing captions on social so as to create interest in the brand and win in more potential customers. We made travel appealing to non-travellers by showing them enchanting visuals of these travel destinations using pictures and videos.

We tied the campaign into the “Year of Return” theme which was initiated and promoted by the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture (MOTAC) and to also exhibit the rich Ghanaian culture and heritage to attract visitors would in turn, travel with the brand.