GMA was commissioned to assist with communication and marketing strategies to further consolidate Alomo Bitters’ position as the #1 bitters brand in the market and increase patronage.

Strategy & Execution

In 2016, GMA developed a musical concert called “African Legends Nite” bringing together high profile members of society to enjoy legends of African music.

The event which has seen performances from legends such as Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Hugh Masekela, Amakye Dede, Ofie Cudjoe, Femi Kuti, & Lady May among others enables Kasapreko to heavily push its brands on annual basis through various promotions including Kasapreko Bars and sales points which are set up as part of the  event.

As part of the ticket price for the event, each participant is entitled to a bottle of Alomo Bitters. This is refunded to Kasapreko after each event.

The annual event is also heavily supported with media engagement strategies such as interviews, radio/TV content and news/stories etc.

Besides, this event, other strategies include: strategic advertising, thought-leadership, executives visibility management, brand reputation management etc.


The Alomo Bitters brand continued to dominate the bitters market in spite of the introduction of competition brands.

The number of cases sold on annual basis continues to increase.