All African Music Awards (AFRIMA), is designed to promote the distinct rich African music worldwide, engaging millions of fans by propelling African music to glorious pinnacles beyond the borders of Africa. The 2018 event was held in Accra, Ghana from November 22nd to 25th.


We broke execution of the project into three (3) phases, which are the Pre-Event, Event Day and Post Event activities.

  • The pre-event activities included the digital drive of the event on social media. Leading to the main event, we drove a series of campaigns under the hashtags #5thAFRIMA and #AFRIMAINGHANA. These campaigns built some buzz online by making Ghanaians aware of Ghana hosting AFRIMA. The campaign also started a conversation in the entertainment industry in Ghana to set the tone for the main event. This campaign started in the second week of October until the beginning of the event on November 22, 2018.
  • Event day activities had a live stream of AFRIMA on Facebook to engage online audience, hashtag activation which included real time update of event to activate and engage the hashtag to rend in Ghana and participating countries.
  • Post event activities included an online conversation to report and give feedback on the event. Adopted measures to manage the reputation of the event by controlling conversation online about the event and while amplifying the positive mentions and address negative mentions. Documented activities from the event was also promoted via social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) after the whole event.

Measurable Outcomes

At the end of the event, AFRIMA held its position as one of the most prestigious music awards events in the African music space.