Ghana Kickstarts Festival Activities Ahead of World Public Relations Day 2023

Ghana Kickstarts Festival Activities Ahead of World Public Relations Day 2023

Ghana Kickstarts Festival Activities Ahead of World Public Relations Day 2023

The 3rd edition of World Public Relations Day (WPRD) in Ghana has been launched with a series of festival activities lined up to make this year’s WPRD Festival a memorable one. The celebrations led by Global Media Alliance with the support of industry stakeholders is said to take the form of a festival starting from April through to 16th July 2023. The WPRD Festival activities – both virtual and physical events are aimed at bringing together Experts, Policy Makers, PR Practitioners and Academia to discuss important industry-related issues, network, build and elevate the PR community in Ghana.

To kick start the festival, a Twitter Spaces on the topic “PR: What Has Changed?” was organized on Friday, 28th April 2023 to dialogue about how the public relations practice has evolved over the years and what it means for today’s PR professionals. The Twitter Spaces which were hosted by Mrs. Eunice Tonyi, Host of African Women’s Voices on ETV Ghana had a three-member panel that included Ebenezer Amankwah – Head of Corporate Communications and External Relations at Absa Bank; Petra Asamoah – Marketing Executive & Author; and Paulina Kuranchie; Lecturer at the University of Media, Arts and Communication – GIJ.

In-depth conversations were had on how PR professionals can stay abreast with the changing times and how the introduction of technology such as AI tools has impacted the public relations practice. Speaking on this, Ebenezer Amankwah stated that “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually being introduced in our world and the field of public relations is no exception. PR professionals can use AI to improve their communication strategies, reach their target audiences more effectively and achieve better outcomes”. He reiterated that AI and technology are only here to assist us and make our jobs easier but it cannot replace the human nature of our job.

Petra Asamoah also made salient points on how inclusion and diversity need to be intentionally looked at in our line of work, especially in times such as these. She added that inclusion and diversity play a crucial role in the public relations practice as it helps organizations to build stronger relationships with their stakeholders, increase their credibility and promote positive social change.

“PR can play a role in promoting social change by advocating for inclusive policies and practices, showcasing diverse voices and perspectives, and promoting positive role models. Inclusion and diversity in PR can help organizations to become advocates for social change and promote a more just and equitable society,” said Petra Asamoah.

On the issue of PR ethics and transparency, Paulina Kuranchie mentioned that ethical behaviour and transparent communication promote accountability by ensuring that an organization’s actions are consistent with its values and goals.

“When an organization is transparent about its decision-making processes, it encourages greater accountability among its employees and stakeholders,” Paulina said.

To buttress her point, Paulina Kuranchie added “As a PR practitioner, you should be able to sleep at night after the execution of your job.”


The theme for this year’s WPRD is “Harnessing the Power of Public Relations”.


Other activities slated for the festival will touch on various aspects of the profession including ESG & Sustainability, PR x Economy, PR Masterclass, PR x NextGen Women as well as a climax summit – WPRD Festival Summit on 14th July 2023. To register for any of the events for free, kindly visit the website