Y 107.9 FM to switch to ‘Motherland Radio’ to mark Ghana’s independence

Y 107.9 FM to switch to ‘Motherland Radio’ to mark Ghana’s independence

Y 107.9 FM to switch to ‘Motherland Radio’ to mark Ghana’s independence

YFM, the most innovative and versatile urban radio station will celebrate Ghana’s sixty-third (63rd) Independence Day as ‘Motherland Radio’.

The ‘Motherland Radio’ is a concept to celebrate themes that represent Ghana and that are also relevant to Africa as a whole. It identifies YFM’s pride in its connection with Ghana through the station’s music drive, especially the urban genre.

Speaking about ‘Motherland Radio’, Programmes Manager of YFM, Eddy Blay said:

“YFM switched to ‘Motherland Radio’ for the first time on 20th December 2019 celebrating some African heroes in music and history as part of its support towards the ‘Year of Return’. Since then we switch on special occasions to celebrate music.”

“On March 6, 2020, we will be switching again to ‘Motherland Radio Independence Day Edition’. As Ghana celebrates her Independence with the recognition of the Big Six (6) as pioneers, similarly, YFM will also celebrate the ‘Big Six’ of Ghana music.

The criteria for selecting the Big Six (6) of Ghana music are musicians who started their careers in November 2008 and have contributed immensely to the growth of the Ghana music scene internationally. A member of the ‘Big Six’ (6) should still be relevant in the country.

In addition to the Big Six of Ghana music, we will also be highlighting the work of a couple of urban fashion designers that are rising steadily with their clothing and accessory lines and competing with big fashion brands worldwide, projecting Ghana on the international fashion arena and making a name for themselves”, he stated.

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