Mindset of growth and learning crucial to be in the tech space – Expert

Mindset of growth and learning crucial to be in the tech space – Expert

Mindset of growth and learning crucial to be in the tech space – Expert

Eli Daniel-Wilson

Group Head, Digital Media and Innovation at Global Media Alliance (GMA), Eli Daniel-Wilson, has shared that the technological space is an ever evolving one, and persons interested in the field must be ready to always unlearn, re-learn and learn.

“If you want to survive in the technological space you need a mindset of growth and learning. You need to pick up a new skill every day because the space keeps changing. Even the professionals in the space sometimes after leaving some tools for a while regard them as alien when they come back to them after 3 months away. This is because of the updates that may have taken place over the period,” he stated.

He indicated that these intangible skills are as important as tangible ones and reiterated, “You need the mindset of learning and growth to survive in the industry.”

Eli Daniel-Wilson indicated there are various free tangible resources available for persons interested in learning and growing in the technological space. “YouTube and Facebook have academies where you can learn to make the most out of the platforms.”

He advised content creators and young technpreneurs to take time to understand the platforms they use to make an impact and achieve their objectives.

To him, technology and its users do not spend time on the ordinary, “you need to create content which is different and exiting and will make you standout. If you do the usual, you’re simply wasting your time and must do things differently if you want to grow.”

Global Media Alliance Broadcasting Company (GMABC) has set aside the months of February and March to celebrate and promote the essence of technology in growing businesses of young entrepreneurs. Dubbed the Techpreneurship month, industry experts will be engaged on how technology can be used as a tool to build businesses.

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