LIWTR Reality Show Has Taught Me Tolerance - Jason

LIWTR Reality Show Has Taught Me Tolerance – Jason

LIWTR Reality Show Has Taught Me Tolerance - Jason

Jason Kwadwo Sankoh, the first contestant to be evicted from the ‘Live inside win the Ride’ (LIWTR) reality show, has told Foster Romanus, host of Late Nite Celebrity show, about his experiences both in and outside the brand-new Renault SUV.

Jason, who describes himself as spontaneous and adventurous, said living in such close proximity with total strangers with different temperaments has made him more tolerant than he was before entering the LIWTR reality show. And he has missed living in the car.

“The one thing I have learnt while sharing a small living space with people I didn’t know is tolerance, and I have missed living in the ride. Especially the food. Given another chance, I will go back into the car. The car was mine I just slept off,” he said.

He also said the few days he spent in the car has accorded him a celebrity status because he gets recognised by random people on the street.

‘’I went to buy a book at a shop in Madina, to my surprise a fan recognised me instantly and expressed disappoint for my opting out of the competition,’’ he narrated.

He however said, after the eviction of Dennis Ananoore, popularly known in the competition as ‘Chief Vandal’, -who was evicted for showing up one minute late after their 15 minutes morning break-, any of the three contestants left in the car, all stand an equal chance of walking home with the brand new Renault Duster SUV.

“It’s an open game, any of the three contestants left can win the ride. I cannot tip one person to win the reality show,” he stated.

Jason who is an actor by profession and enjoys cooking, proved his versatility as an entertainer with a reggae freestyle during the interview even though his believe that he will win the car at all cost did not materialise.

The concept behind the LIWTR reality show is to bring together five individuals from different backgrounds across the country to endure sitting together in a car for an unknown period of time. During that period, contestants are evicted until there is one person left. The ‘last man standing’ wins the car.

The 2019 Edition is sponsored by Premium Motors (Distributors of Renault), Accra Mall, Telefonika, Pizza Inn, Yah, the Mall Pharmacy, Chicken Inn, Equator Mobile Phones, Ghanaweb, Jumia Food, Total Clinic and Le Banzini Restaurant.

By: Bridget Mensah