LIWTR Grand Finale-who wins the Renault Duster SUV

LIWTR Grand Finale-who wins the Renault Duster SUV

LIWTR Grand Finale-who wins the Renault Duster SUV

Come Friday, July 19, 2019, one of two (2) contestants left in the Renault Duster, Ada Atayobor and Gifty Eyram Holyfa will go home with the grand prize after over forty days (40) of the ‘Live Inside Win the Ride’ (LIWTR) reality show. Both contestants have until Friday, 12 noon to garner enough votes to be crowned winner of LIWTR and drive home the Renault Duster.

LIWTR competition started with five contestants. Selorm Dotse Kudiabor, Dennis Ananoore and Jason Sankoh have so far been evicted leaving the two ladies Ada Atayobor and Gifty Eyram Holyfa in the competition.

Speaking ahead of grand finale of the LIWTR competition, Ernest Boateng, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Global Media Alliance (GMA) Group, expressed his profound gratitude to the LIWTR enthusiasts and fans of the contestants for keenly following the reality show on social media. He also encouraged the general public to keep voting for their favorite contestants.

“We look forward to the car presentation to the winner on Friday and I urge people to continue voting for their favourite contestant to win the Renault Duster” he said.

He further invited the general public to the Accra Mall Food Court at 6:00pm on Friday June 19, 2019 to be part of exciting activities marking the end of the stay in the Renault Duster.

“It will be a great night to climax the competition and I entreat everyone to come on Friday and be part of the event. I am sincerely grateful especially to our sponsors and everyone who has supported the LIWTR competition from the auditions till date” he added.

LIWTR enthusiasts can also follow the entire process on e.TV Ghana, Happy FM and YFM or on social media on @etvgh across all platforms, @happy989fm on Facebook and Instagram, @happyfmghana on Twitter, @y1079fm across all platforms and @wintheride across all platforms.

The 2019 Edition is sponsored by Premium Motors, Telefonika, Le Banzini Restaurant, Equator Mobile Phones, The Mall Pharmacy, Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn, Total House Clinic, Yah! foods, Ghanaweb, Omega Security, Jumia Foods and Accra Mall.