Turkish Tastes



Events, Promotional Campaigns, PR, Product Launch


Southeast Anatolian Exporters Association, an NGO located in Turkey reached out GMA to conceptualise and manage all the end-to-end implementation of this project.  This was a week-long event from 11th and 19th August, 2018. The aim of the event was to promote Turkish food to the Ghanaian industry.


There was a one-week food caravan activation at areas of high activity with lots of engagement to introduce Turkish food into the Ghanaian food industry coupled with on-ground activations and publicity on social media.

The climax of the event was held at the Labadi Beach Hotel to introduce Turkish foods and start business conversations on how Ghana and Turkey can work together to promote Turkish foods.


Turkish Tastes was able to reach thousands of people both on social media and on the streets of Accra. Their bulgur, pasta and pulses. Not only were people educated on their foods but they also got the chance to taste it. Stakeholders had the opportunity to transact business with the Southeast Anatolian Exporters Association.